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Habitation Area

This will cover all internal areas, water systems, gas check, electrical systems; operation of all catches windows, blinds and a full damp test to check for any signs of water ingression.

Running Gear 

The service brakes, check bearings and hitching devices.

Floor Delaminating

Caravan floors are constructed by sandwiching a layer of foam between two plywood ousters, sometimes the bond breaks down giving a spongy feeling to the floor.

We can repair this situation permanently by injecting special resin.

Full Service

Consists of Habitation and Running gear services plus lubrication of all moving parts hinges etc and a complete inspection of the bodywork with a written report.

Damp Ingress

If we discover damp in your caravan we can, on your instruction, carry out remedial treatment.

This will involve resealing external areas or in extreme cases rebuilding the internal structure.

Plastic Welding

We can weld/repair plastic bumpers or the skirts and refinish to original condition.



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